Embryo Transfer Courses

Embryo Transfer Courses

Our older sister, R. Amorim company, is a pioneer in Portugal in performing embryo transfer courses and, as a result of the success and the high number of members, carried out already in 2016, two courses, one in January and another on the 20th of this month.

The 1st course, held on 16 January, had the media coverage of AFRIGA (Association of the Galician Frisian Cattle) – SEE VIDEO.

The guest trainer, Dr. Daniel Martinez Bello of Embriovet and Embriomarket companies, is one of the finest experts in the area of embryo transfer, in technical aspects and also in teaching and training.

The courses covered the following training topics:

  • Applicability of embryo transfer
  • Embryo transfer technique, materials, synchronization methods
  • Study and handling of the female genital tract of cattle
  • Recipient selection
  • Preparation of recipients and equipment
  • Embryo thawing
  • Embryo transfer


The evaluation by the the trainees was extremely positive and the number of interested technicians continues to rise, so new courses will follow soon.

R. Amorim thanks its partners in the courses, including the Professional Agricultural School of Ponte de Lima in whose facilities the theoretical and practical parts took place, as well as Embriovet and Zoetis, the major contribution to the success achieved.