KALFARM Electric Prod

KALFARM Electric Prod

The Animal Movement Control

Educative, programable, rechargeable, the electric prod KALFARM® is the unavoidable tool for farmers to guide their animals and control their movements in all safety.

The electric prod KALFARM® has been designed to move animals by sound signal and/or by transmission of electric pulses.

With 3 power levels that can adapt to the type of animal and various weather conditions, it better impacts animal welfare.

Powered by a rechargeable battery with a wide autonomy. Can be recharged on 220V or in a vehicle on 12V/24V.  

Developed in 2 models, short and long, adapted to various situations faced by breeders

Main technologic improvements are:

- 3 power levels
- Rechargeable with a wide autonomy (more de 3.000 pulses)
- Educative through the possibility to use the beep alone or simultaneously with the electric shock (Pavlovian reflex)
- Rain proof
- Ergonomic