A powerful and versatile healing sanitizer with high emollient and lenitive properties, suitable for application in areas difficult to access.

- Sanitization after removal of intra-vaginal devices (PRID or CIDR) – 1 to 2 seconds;
- Vaginitis – 2 to 3 seconds;
- Vaginal mucosa disinfection after calving (cuts, lacerations) – 3 to 4 seconds;
- Rehabilitation, treatment and healing of cuts, abrasions and cracks – according the area to treat;
- Skin abrasion between the udder and the inner thigh (easy to use with the cannula included) – according the area to treat;
- In any event involving disinfection and wound healing – according the area to treat;
- An excellent sanitizer and cicatrizer for any animal species; -

200 ml spray 4 units box, 10 flexible cannulas included.

62cm long catheters, 30 catheters pack.