Company | Reprogenesis


Although it was born in 2009, our company has a solid and intense experience of its founders in the area of animal production. Our philosophy is based on the use of advanced products and technologies, respecting animal welfare and the environment, as well the final consumer.


Development and marketing, at national and international level, of innovative solutions related to animal welfare.


REPROGÉNESIS develops and promotes differentiated products and services, bringing many benefits to the market operators and consumers. This level was achieved through the establishment of strategic partnerships for research, production technology and marketing.


The aim of REPROGÉNESIS is to become the largest trader of exclusive animal welfare products. This goal will be achieved through the construction of technology platforms, which provide differentiated products of great interest and usefulness. We seek partnerships for new discoveries, development and commercialization of our products. The position of our partners, customers and collaborators, are always on top of our priorities.