Calcium, magnesium, vitamins-B and propylene glycol for the prevention of calcium deficiency round about calving.

Every new lactation starts with the birth of a calf. This is very demanding for the fresh cow andthe farmer also. Research showed that 6 out of 10 fresh cows have calcium deficiency, the blood calcium level is below the desirable level. This shortage of calcium is caused by the fact that with the production of colostrum more calcium is secreted from the body than the cow can eat or mobilize from the bones. This problem increases with the age and the number of lactations of a cow.

A lot of problems which occur with freshening cows such as a slow birth process, retaining placenta and possibly even a diplaced abomasum can be prevented by taking care of the calcium deficiency in an early stage. Dr Register’s Caldrench Plus is used for this reason in many countries on a large scale.

Caldrench Plus is a very effective product to obtain a dramatic calcium blood level rise. Caldrench Plus for cost-effective risk management means:“A small investment prevents big problems”.

Caldrench Plus is the ideal product:

  • Prevents calcium deficiency around calving time
  • High effective calcium source
  • Oral administration safe against overdose
  • Ease of administration with drenchgun, with a minimum of annoyance for the cow.
  • Drenchgun method almost eliminates fluid getting in lungs
  • Blood calcium level increases within 15 minutes
  • Optimum pH-value, no irritation for mucous membranes
  • Propylene Glycol for fast energy
  • Contains vitamin B-complex
  • High dose of vitamins stimulating the appetite, natural recovery of calcium by feed intake
  • Inexpensive per dose, can be used on every cow routinely, giving cost effective prevention.